Recommended blogs and sites, a growing list.


Urbanphoto (Hong Kong)
Thoughtful articles on Hong Kong topics by Christopher DeWolf accompanied with photos.

Hong Wrong
Mutifarious snippetage on all things Honky by Tom Grundy.

Big Lychee
Comment on HK current affairs with cynicism and humour by Hemlock.

Webs of Significance
YTSL explores Hong Kong (and beyond) with words and pictures.

Blacksmith Books Blog
News from an eclectic HK publisher.

Hong Kong Blogs Review
Great starting point for browsing HK blogs with independent reviews.

Time Out Hong Kong
The HK franchise of the global arts and culture magazine group. See my photos every fortnight on the page 'Hidden Hong Kong' (print version only).

Hong Kong subreddit.


Comprehensive HK site on all things heritage.

Hong Kong & Macau Stuff
Exploring Hong Kong with informative blogger Phil.


Sketching Hong Kong
Artist Gary Yeung is inspired by the city.

HK street art
A running collection of what it says it is.

Kacey Wong
"Three-dimensional artwork is like a perfect lie."


Mister Bijou
Quirky HK photos and other fragments.

Ilbonito (Hong Kong)
Local blogger with a great eye.

Haitch Kay
Riduculous HK numberplates and other visual humour.

Alex Hofford Photography
Local photographer-cum-activist.

All downhill from here
HK-based photographer with an interest in nature.


It's fun to know
A factoid every day of the week from Chinese language teacher Sasha O with her own kooky illustrations.

Incredibly useful online cantonese dictionary project.

Online Cantonese input method
You type in how the word sounds in Cantonese and it usually comes up with the right characters.

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  1. I love this photo blog’ because it's shown how really nice Hong Kong is’ some photo are from nature and very refreshing.