Thursday, 27 November 2014

潛水 Gone diving

潛水 = tsim seui: diving / gone off the radar

As you may have noticed (if you still keep an eye on Land of no cheese, and I thank you!), my posts have become more and more sporadic this year. In reality, recently it has become harder for me to find time to keep this site going. With 428 posts since it began on 30 June 2009 I now feel this exercise in the visual exploration of Hong Kong has now run its photographic course (I'm no HK newbie any more) and it's time for me to put my imagination into other projects. 

One of these is this:
Red team
Yes, this photo is taken in Hong Kong! I have over the past couple of years taken my photography obsession underwater and I was delighted to be awarded an "outstanding award" in the Hong Kong Underwater Photo and Video competition 2014 with the above picture. It's an incentive for me to keep developing my skills in this very challenging form of photography which combines two of my passions.

This site will stay online for the time being, so feel free to browse, either randomly, via the themes at the very bottom of this page, or by following the chain of connections between posts. This post is probably the best and these | two took the longest to do! None of these posts are typical of this project though; what I was mostly doing was this | kind | of | thing. You can also keep following my photos in most issues of Time Out Hong Kong (Hidden Hong Kong).

Thank you all very much for following, and see you in the land of no cheese!

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