Monday, 28 July 2014

Take a break

This fortnight in Time Out HK: peeking in.

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Snorkelling, Hong Kong style

On your next trip to the seaside, see if you can spot these unusual specimens:

1. The amphibious hiker
Full hiking gear - check. Umbrella - check. Snorkel/mask in hand - check. Thigh deep in the sea - check. Hesitating about going in past the crotch line - check.

2. The survival snorkeller
Actually swimming - check. Face in the water - check. Waterproof backpack of survival gear in tow - check. Bulletproof lifevest protecting said survival gear pack - check.

3. The incognito picnicking frogwoman
Baseball cap - check. Periscope - check. Drinking water supplies - check. Towel carefully positioned so as to stay dry - check. Kickboard-cum-floating picnic table - check. Preparation for any, and I mean absolutely any, eventuality - big check.

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