Friday, 14 March 2014


I recently revisited two cool spots in Hong Kong. Or what were two cool spots a couple of years ago. To my disappointment, both are no longer.

This Wan Chai urban ruin is now a building site. Tree memory to be reconstructed:

This literal 'avenue of stars' in Sai Wan Ho has been repaved without its constellations. Midnight magic vanished:

Hong Kong changes fast. Enjoy all things while they last. And photograph them!

- frozen in time -

All content © Emilie Pavey

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  1. Definitely re Hong Kong changing fast. So it's great to have some photographs to remember parts of Hong Kong that are no longer around by. BTW, have you gone and seen the old Hong Kong photographs exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of History? Highly recommended, even if you're not allowed to take photos inside!