Friday, 13 September 2013

Star teachers

You know it's the start of term when cram school adverts promising glorious HKDSE results begin to pop up all over the MTR.

A commonly used marketing strategy of these cram schools is to entice teenage customers by featuring superstar teachers with bucketloads of sex appeal on their posters. See fig. A.

Fig. A

However, this strategy is not always entirely successful. See fig. B.

Fig. B
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  1. The top two hardly get the juices flowing either but then I guess I am very much post-pubescent.

  2. Ha! I was also taken aback by a big public photo of Keith Leung recently. If sticking with this marketing strategy, couldn't they at least give him some posing tips? Or let him wear sunglasses?

  3. Yes, me too! That photo of Keith Leung really doesn't make you want to entrust him with your children, does it?!

  4. I have been looking with wonderment (though sadly, not lust) at Keith Leung on buses for a few weeks now. How, how, HOW did he get chosen as poster boy?

  5. Antonia FTW. Keith Leung should have a body double.