Sunday, 27 January 2013

Daily banalities

It's banal to say that a photo 'captures a moment'. Still, it's undeniably true, and I think some photos convey a sense of a 'moment' better than others. Like these, for instance.

Both of these photos were taken with my little compact camera on my journey to work last year, and both photos are taken within 100 metres of each other. (When those kids turn the corner, they'll see the shop in front of which the man is sitting.) I don't carry my SLR around with me all the time but I always try to have some means of taking a photo on me.

After all, it's the banality of certain moments, which, when captured, makes them special.

- more ordinary candids -

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  1. It's little moments like these, though, that makes travel (even if in your own city) so interesting. There's so much dimension to be savored if we slow down a little bit and pay attention...