Thursday, 8 November 2012

Blue on white

Sticking with the same colour scheme today. Kowloon Park Heritage Discovery Centre has an impressive display of shards of Ming Dynasty ceramic ware unearthed during archaeological digs. It's worth a visit just to check out this room where the fragments are displayed beneath a glass floor so that it feels as if you are stepping on them.

Meanwhile, on a recent dive, I spotted some of my own. (Cough. Possibly.) 

Now Hong Kong's dive sites may not be world famous, but does the Great Barrier Reef have Ming-era antiques nestling under all that exciting coral? Eh? I don't think so!

- More at Kowloon Park - 

Time for a new Time Out page after a brief hiatus with an extra tricky 'where in Hong Kong is this' (click to enlarge). Know where it is? Write in to Time Out HK!

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