Thursday, 26 July 2012

On the wall

Which of the following outdoor mosaic murals is not in HK? Bonus point if you can tell me where (which country) it is from!

A newer form of wall art.

All content © Emilie Pavey


  1. Is the middle one from North Korea ? (just an inspired guess! )

  2. The first one looks like a depiction of the fruit market in Yau Ma Tei (used to go to school there!). Men moving crates of fruits.
    Second one looks like the odd one out. I was going to say Vietnam (don't know why), but Patrick's guess above the probably more accurate.
    Third one - I can imagine it being in a park in HK somewhere. Kiddies loving the motherland...

    1. Yes Cloe, the first one is a mural at Yau Ma Tei market. Maybe the mural was already there? Right near to that old cinema. The third one is a mural near Mong Kok East station.