Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lightning tree and tumbleweeds

Two stunning light installations by Simon Heijdens are on public display in Hong Kong and are well worth a look.

樹 (syu; tree) is a double art installation on either side of the entrance to Artistree art space in Taikoo Place. Two eight-metre-high trees are projected on the walls and 'sway' in the wind (of the air-con, maybe?); one loses a leaf every time a visitor walks past, small heaps of light leaves appearing on the floor nearby; the other houses a flock of starlings which fly back and forth between tree and adjacent wall. Visit after dark to appreciate them best.

花園(fa yuen; garden) is an interactive wall of weeds, one of six public artworks inside the new Tamar LegCo HQ (which can be visited); the weeds sway as you run your hand 'through' them, though our tour guide said that they 'broke' after an enthusiastic group of kids had a go. Just like real weeds then.

In the artist's own words: tree and lightweeds

Recent exhibitions at Artistree -

Photos © Emilie Pavey

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