Saturday, 21 July 2012

租 / 售

租 / 售 = jou / sau: to let / for sale 

As property prices increase, small shops and businesses close down.

A patchwork of estate agents' signs briefly flares up on the shopfront, like a fungus ...

Until another 7-Eleven, Gong Cha or ... property agency moves in.

A red plague on the city streets - something you should also know about.

All content © Emilie Pavey


  1. Hong Kong real estate signs have always struck me as odd - with the signs for so many agents being displayed, if you want to lease the shop, how does one know which phone number to ring?

    1. Whoever has the biggest sign! They are all in competition, i.e. the property is not let by a sole agent. It gives the landlord more chances of finding a tenant quickly a guess. Letting with a sole agent is cheaper though I think.