Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Day of the Triffids, HK edition

Lions' Nature Education Centre near Sai Kung is a treasure trove of, get ready for it, 

I know! All that's missing are the exclamation marks! And we never said they were interesting in a benevolent way. For example, here is a herbal specimen whose sole purpose (pun fully indented) is to take revenge on those disrespectful people who ignore the signs in parks saying 'do not walk on the grass'...

...and I wouldn't get too close to the following bit of botany or you may go the same way as this poor lassie:

Who needs a triffid when you can have one of these interesting plants, eh?

Another comedy sign from this park.

Out today, Time Out HK for this fortnight, featuring an assortment of waterfalls for this issue's 'Hidden Hong Kong' theme:

All content © Emilie Pavey


  1. Fun sign pics but have to say that it's the waterfall pics in Time Out that particularly catch my eye. In particular, I wish I could see the Silvermine Bay Waterfall look so great but the two times I've been in its vicinity, the water was on the much less impressive side!

  2. Yes I was lucky to visit the Silvermine Bay Falls after heavy rains earlier this month. Must have been a good time because the previous time I was there there was no more than a feeble trickle also.