Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tea on the town

Any idea what this is?

A new MTR mall? Wrong.
A kitchen appliance showroom? Wrong again.
It is actually a restaurant. More specifically, the TOWNGAS restaurant on Paterson Street, Causeway Bay.
Yes, dear HKers, you read correctly. Your friendly public utility and sole gas provider is now cooking your food in more ways than one.

The restaurant has just had a refit and re-opened two weeks ago, according to the waiter. We did initially mistake it for a kitchen showroom as we walked past, due to the Towngas logo frosted into the windows and the clinical, Ikea-esque decor inside. In fact, the restaurant is indeed attached to a Towngas showroom next door. Romantic, n'est ce pas? It is only when we noticed a couple sharing a high tea set inside that we realised it actually served food.

The menu features classic HK pseudo-western food favourites. Being the middle of the afternoon, we decided to give the tea set a try. I am not setting out to write food review, so let me be concise: I can only assume that, as gas experts, they know more about sautéing than smoked salmon and scones. You can reliably give high tea at Towngas a miss!

Another bizarre eating experience.

More tea?

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  1. Hi Emilie --

    I've passed this place a few times -- and its previous incarnation. It did take me a while to realize that it's a restaurant -- and yeah, at no point did I feel inclined to give it a try! ;D

    Also re one of your related: the Modern Toilet restaurant -- there was/is one in Mong Kok too. Just seeing the photos on the menu made me want to gag!! :O

    1. Hi YTSL, although I love cooking with gas, there's something a bit to gimmicky or clinical about a restaurant run by your gas provider! I can only hope that they do meats and fried items well, otherwise there would be little point in its existence!

      That Modern Toilet in CWB has now closed I think, but it took tasteless to a whole new level!

  2. They also run cooking classes and these are quite good. They do Chinese or Western. Mrs. H did a few sessions and the results are excellent as evidenced by my waistline. There is also a new TG showroom in Tai Koo Shing but no restaurant and no chef school.

    1. Looks like they have it all covered. At Towngas you can cook your cake, have your cake, eat it, and then buy the oven.

  3. 平底锅旁边的那些刀叉搭的真好!