Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Walking the bird

Want to get a bird as a pet, but have doubts about keeping it cooped up in your tiny cubicle apartment? No problem. You can just throw a sheet over the cage and you're ready to take your feathered friend out for a stroll to the local bird garden to hang out with the other birds.

Nearest bird hangout not within walking distance of your home?  Piece of cake. Just use public transport. What else do you think those 'multi purpose spaces for passengers with special needs' are for?

And if anyone asks, just pretend you're delivering a secret surprise blackbird pie or a cuckoo clock to Por Por. No one will suspect a thing.

What's under the sheet? Here.

More rulebreaking on the MTR. Here.

All content © Emilie Pavey


  1. Nice photos, but I'm curious .. what does it means "Land of no Cheese"? Thanks.

  2. Hi Giora,
    I love cheese, and I was concerned that I would not be able to find cheese when I first arrived in Hong Kong! In fact, although you can buy a lot of imported cheese here (so I am ok!), cheese is not part of Chinese cuisine.

  3. Interesting. Do they have any dairy farms in mainland China that make Cheese? Maybe I should google for this.

  4. Hi Emilie. Here is cheese made in China called "Yellow Valley" from the province of Shanxi. They sell in mnay cities in mainland China, but not in Hong Kong. Maybe you can contact them to be their agent in Hong Kong, make some money and also get their Cheese for free ..:)


    And if it's really good and at good price, we can import it to Canada and the US.

  5. Interesting! It looks like this is a Dutch-style cheese, and the company is set up by a Dutchman. I am not sure that there is any native Chinese cheese though!