Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A letter to Shanice

Love letter poetry made of car licence plates ... as seen in HK.


You are so ,

Will you be my ?

I may not spell,

But  give you the world

If you'll be my 

And not 's.

 give you my heart,

give you,

 be your,

your as ,

I don’t mind ,

Patience is a,

And I have a of time,

long as you choose me

And not...

I’m not just some,

Some naughty,

 buy you a painting

By Andrea,

buy you the

So you can get a,

And tickets

To see ,

 give you an
Or maybe a,

 long as I’m

And not that idiot  ...

take you to a  place,

Somewhere over the,

Where awill play


take you to 

So we can go,

I’m all onnow,

Ohyou please choose?

Say you’re mine and not 's



love and, from

, for reading


The master of the genre, Haitch Kay.

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