Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cultural revolution?

In December's issue of National Geographic, Hong Kong was ranked fifth in a feature on the world's most influential cities (behind a very western-centric group of places: New York, London, Paris, and another city I can't remember).

This ranking was awarded based on five factors: information exchange, political engagement, human capital, business activity and cultural experience. Nat Geo unsurprisingly gave Hong Kong a high score in the 'business activity' category, whereas the city scored fairly low in the cultural stakes. I think this assessment is a little unfair - although Paris, New York and London have plenty of big-name arts venues, culture is alive and well in Hong Kong. If Nat Geo's researchers had only come down to street level, they might have though differently.

Here are a couple of local/spontaneous cultural happenings I stumbled upon recently:

Contemporary dance performance, Quarry Bay park

Street theatre, Central (at 'Occupy Central', December 2011)

Another HK art event.

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