Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A burning issue

I've always felt that Pui O and Cheung Sha beaches on Lantau Island are secrets worth keeping. By being the most pristine and scenic of the HK government beaches, they are by far my favourite summer swimming spots. Plus, they never get very crowded and they are home to water buffalo, cattle egrets, and all sorts of other wonderful flora and fauna. Look how beautiful Pui O is:

Perhaps Lantau's coastline is just a little too secret, however, as the Hong Kong government feels it can get away with building a 'super incinerator' as a 'solution' to Hong Kong's serious waste problem on a small island just a few miles out from this spot, despite having designated the entire Lantau area as one for 'conservation and recreation uses'.

If you too feel that this is ecological insanity and that there must be another solution, please go to the Living Islands Movement site and sign the petition there. Or it might just be that in six year's time, this horizon will be broken by a huge chimney and these fluffy clouds will be made from the remains of your polystyrene takeaway box instead of water vapour.

Pui O's lovely cattle!

Destroying seabed ecosystems.

All content © Emilie Pavey


  1. A battle well worth fighting. Martin Williams on Cheung Chau is doing a lot of the campaigning. This will only get worse.

  2. Indeed. If only the HK Govt would implement proper waste disposal schemes - systematic recycling, for example, as in European countries, that would already reduce a lot of the waste.

  3. I think a politician disposal system would be a good starting point.