Monday, 20 February 2012


屎坑 = si haang: latrine (literally, dung pit)

In my photo page for Time Out HK, I collect a set of photos on a certain theme every fortnight. Recently, I was doing the theme 'abandoned chairs' (scroll down to the bottom of this post). As a result of this I am developing a rather obsessive habit of photographing same thing, in different places, wherever I go like a kind of mental scrapbook. Hence this post...

Enough excuses. Today, various 'rustic' toilets. Sanitation? Who needs that?

Au naturel, at a rain shelter near Fei Ngo Shan:

Natural drainage system, Tai O  (don't fish here):

Fertilizing the garden, also Tai O:

Modern plumbing, near Sha Tin:

There are also 'official', government-provided latrine toilets, in some country parks and islands. There is a remarkable one at Tung Lung Chau Campsite if you are brave enough.

Why toilets and chopstics shouldn't mix.

As mentioned above, for this fortnight's Time Out feature I collected pictures of abandoned chairs. Click to enlarge.

All content © Emilie Pavey

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