Thursday, 19 January 2012


休憩處 = yau hei tsu: sitting out area (literally, resting place)

Hong Kong is not short of public resting spots. They come in two varieties: large, municipal parks, with sports facilities, public toilets etc, and small 'sitting out areas', which tend to occur in spaces which are too small or inconvenient to profit from in any other way. As a result, some urban sitting-out areas are entirely devoid of charm. Here are the winners and runners up in my most-depressing-park-facilities-contest.

Honorable mention (due to miniature size): No-name sitting-out area, Sands Street, Kennedy Town

While this one is not technically an LCSD-designated 'sitting out area', it has all the hallmarks. More than just a bench, less than a park, fills a space that's otherwise useless, without really adding much. Features include: three seats.

Third place: Lok Sin Road / Choi Hung Road sitting-out area, San Po Kong

Features include: ornamental shrubs, mahogany-painted bench-cum-pagoda, sewage pumping station.

Second place: Finnie Street sitting-out area, Quarry Bay

Features include: moulded plastic pebble path, some mother-in-law's tongues, MTR bridge, busy road, ventilation outlets of nearby restaurants.

Winner: Yan Oi Court 'Garden', Kwun Tong

Features include: some benches, two shrubs, green mesh cage, and full sunlight.
Three cheers for Kwun Tong!

Hidden Hong Kong in Time Out HK this fortnight: wartime ruins, Jesus, Buddha, and a fortune-teller (Click to enlarge).

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