Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Shanice's reply

Please note: this won't make much sense unless you read the original license plate love letter first. Go on, read it (again).

After several months, Shanice has got round to her correspondence ...


 for your letter.
You are I ?
Letexplain  we cannot elope.

Firstly,s for the offer
But I’m not a 

Nor do I need  to be my driver;

As for the
Well, I play the

And I'd rather play that 

than go or 

Third, I don't need a
I've a  called 

('s a  who eats 

and )

So, you may want to
But I don't want to

I've met the already
And that aint 

Nor is it or  

or ,
  or ;

It's no with a 

Or some,

Not some

Or a;

Not a cantopop
Nor someone more  

like your local;

So know 
our  was ?
If you need to
oh how  you know me.

The of  heart 
is no , but a


What’s more and I have a 
 on the 
( Bet weren’t expecting to hear that  ? )

With our   , 

our  and our , 

We’ll all drive around in our big !

So get up and  

your jaw from the floor
If the  of this letter 
has made  feel sore.

To cure your broken heart, 
 advice is to try
, ...
or maybe a  ;-)

Sure you don't want to read the original license plate letter?

A big thank you to Rachael, Nicole, Hyunsu and especially Raymond who helped me with collecting these plates over the year. You can stop now!

Land of no Cheese will take a break for Christmas and will be back in January with some new pointless Hongkongtastic projects. For now, I'd like to wish a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you!

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