Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sundogs and moon rabbits

The sky is full of wonderful phenomena.

An end-of-summer parhelion, or sundog, spotted from Cheung Chau:

... and the Chinese 'rabbit in the moon', which can be glimpsed in tonight's lunar eclipse (if you are in HK and quick to read this post, you might still catch a bit of it - look outside!)

Or is it just some very ripe double gloucester...? 

More moons.

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  1. This reminds me of an old friend who was in Africa with a Japanese colleague. He kept talking about "the labbit". Eventually it got as far as "the labbit in the moon" and my friend twigged. Whereas we see the man in the moon, others see a rabbit and indeed why not. It is no more odd than claiming its made of Double Gloucester or as Morgan the Moon claimed, Caerphilly. I learned a new word from this - parhelion. Thank you!

  2. Indeed! There is also the Chinese moon fairy, Chang'e
    but an animal suited my purposes better for this post!

    Yes, I rather like the word parhelion, it actually means 'next to the sun' in Greek.