Saturday, 19 November 2011

Seen a sign?

I have unscientifically categorised Hong Kong's street name signs into three types in my head: the modern type (white arrow shape on black rectangle with functional, helvetica-ish font), the older type (similar, but without the arrow) and the oldest type, with more old-fashioned lettering and characters, as pictured here:

I have been looking out for these to take photos of them but they are really very few and far between.

The two above signs are in wealthy old Central which has a lot of vocal advocates for heritage preservation, which might partly explain why these signs are still there. They add to that charm and nostalgia that is so good for business and tourism in the district. However the sign below is not in such a privileged district, so get an eyeful before the bulldozers arrive.

I'd really like to know of any other places where one of these old signs is still clinging on, especially if it's in an area where it hasn't been left there for decorative purposes! Thanks!

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