Monday, 7 November 2011


蜜蜂 = mat fung: honey bee

In Hong Kong bees can be active during the winter months due to the mild weather. As a result, HK is able to produce a speciality honey, winter honey. In fact, there are quite a lot of honey producers across the territory, and at least least two bee farms which can be visited. One of them is Po Sang Yuen Bee Farm, more information here.

If spending an afternoon surrounded by bees is not your cup of tea, then you can still sample this farm's produce by visiting - against all odds - your local supermarket. Just ignore all the Australian, NZ and British honeypots and go straight to the bottom shelf. Winter honey and acacia honey (pictured) were in stock when I visited earlier complete with black-and white picture of bee-bearded bloke. This honey is mouthwateringly sweet and slightly woody.

Buying local from a small producer is one thing (well done me), but tasting local from a tiny family-run island cafe is quite another. At one of my favourite outlying-island watering holes, you can sip fresher-than fresh, hot or iced, lemon or chrysanthemum honey and literally watch the bees which made your drink in the vegetable patch behind the house as you do so.

Ok, ok, the island is Tung Lung Chau... but that's all I'm saying!

However, the knowledge that honey bees are in global decline makes even delicious local honey taste bittersweet.

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