Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A dog's life

In Hong Kong, it's a tough life being a pet pooch. Your owners dress you, style you, and wipe your bum with Tempo tissues. When it comes to walkies though, HK hounds would probably be envious of the freedom enjoyed by their western counterparts. 

Some sit in their sanitised strollers and gaze at the pungent pavements with longing...

Whereas others face their un-doggy-like humiliation with stoicism... (though I suspect this fellow enjoys having a slave with a fan on hand.)

I had always assumed these dog owners were using kid's pushchairs for their pooches, until I noticed this red model in the window of a pet shop, and realised they were purposely pour chien.

(please also note the beige accessory in the foreground - for bona fide 'handbag dogs')

Pah, who needs exercise anyway?
Oh yes, your pet dog.

Dogs taking a dip.


Now, for the answer to my last post's taste test:
Disappointing Drink B was in fact the lemonade from internationally-marketed brand Glaceau, and more tasty Drink A its imitation, Victory Vitamin water.

V for... Vitamin!
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  1. Have you seen any funky coloured dogs around?

  2. No! I would definitely take a picture if I did! Do you know any funky coloured dogs??

  3. Someday doggie prams in Hong Kong will outnumber baby prams