Friday, 2 September 2011

秋天 2

This morning, the kids in the school nearby woke me up with some improbably enthusiastic back-to-school cheering at 7.30 a.m. To me, 'back to school' evokes memories of frost on the lawn and conkers, so it's no surprise that with 30 degrees and 85% humidity outside, I'm not quite feeling appropriately autumnal yet. However, by the Chinese calendar it's probably been autumn for a while already, since the week after next is mid-autumn festival, so like last year, now seems a good time to post these two butterflies I managed to capture recently (just photographically, not lepidopteristically!) before all things summer wither and die.

 Common Mormon (slightly moth-eaten, ho ho) - Mt Parker

Can anyone identify this one for me? Some kind of birdwing? - Lamma

Time Out HK's new issue is out this week. On the 'Hidden Hong Kong' page you can see my pictures of trees eating buildings, war & peace (in nature) and a mystery photo of a remote Qing-era fort... but where in HK is it?

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