Tuesday, 2 August 2011

中計 Be counted

The 2011 Hong Kong population census is in full swing, with census officers across the territory scuttling up and down residential buildings doing what they have to do. To minimise the chances of opportunistic swindling, the government has plastered public transport with these two friendly faces, encouraging us to be proactive and check identities before interview!

I studied the diagram showing the parts of a census officer closely, and then went out on an officer-spotting excursion. It was remarkably successful. 

Satchel. Check. Badge. Check. Natty government-designed polo shirt. Check.

I am pleased to report that the government-provided illustration is a fairly accurate representation of the true specimen, with one minor flaw: the real thing lacks a cheesy grin. Clearly some artistic licence was involved.

Update on 3/8:
My photos appear in the latest issue of Time Out HK, on the Hidden Hong Kong page. Cats in shops, walls and bridges, and a big rock. If you are in Hong Kong, take a look.

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