Saturday, 16 July 2011

Up close

Frantically elbowing other visitors out of the way in order to get a close-up shot of a miniature building is a popular way to spend a rainy Saturday, judging by the hordes pullulating around two recent exhibits in Cityplaza, Taikoo Shing. In fact, the shopping mall seems to be turning model worlds into something of a specialty.

Hong Kong miniatures (finishes tomorrow):

Lego (in April):

Perhaps peering into these small-scale universes fools us into thinking that our own tiny apartment homes are veritable palaces. 

I'm guilty too - photographing models is irresistible.

All content © 2011 Emilie Pavey


  1. Paula Costello22 July 2011 at 19:42

    I love what you did with these Emilie, capturing the other photographers in your own shots, I really get a sense of the craziness that was going on!

    I find it bemusing when you see people taking pictures of say a painting or sculpture and not actually looking at it with their own eyes. They then move on to the next masterpiece and snap that too. I love taking pictures (and am guilty of taking lots ) but I do try and look at the subject without my camera.

  2. yes cameras have changed the way we look at things - we seem to experience things later, on a computer screen, and not at the time any more. Sometimes it's nice to not take your camera and just trust yourself to experience and remember something... we are becoming paranoid about trying to record every moment of our lives... and I too am guilty!