Friday, 8 July 2011

In memoriam

Last month was particularly hard on umbrellas.

Many were sacrificed.

They will not be forgotten. Until we find the nearest seven-eleven.

My photos appear in this fortnight's issue of Time Out Hong Kong, as a newly-created page, Hidden Hong Kong, dedicated to Hong Kong in pictures. Themes: 'Illegal structures', 'movement/stillness' and a mystery photo: 'where in HK is this?' If you're in HK, grab the magazine and have a look.

All content © 2011 Emilie Pavey


  1. hey emilie,
    congrats on the feature in the magazine!
    i always enjoy looking through the photos in your blog.


  2. Just found your blog, it's really interesting! I'm a newbie to Hong Kong - been here about 5 weeks ....Will grab HK Time Out - haven't checked it out here yet, but the Hidden Hong Kong feature sounds interesting! Will keep an eye out for your photos....

  3. To Hong Kong Badger: Hi and welcome! Time out is a great mag, especially for newcomers. I am glad you like Land of no cheese - hope it can make you want to discover more about this amazing place. Hope you are settling in well - good luck!

    To Stasia: thanks for being my most loyal follower... you should come to HK and visit!


  4. I love this! Great photos. Will be sure to check your blog often!

  5. Thanks Myra! I hope things are going well in China.