Saturday, 18 June 2011

King of the castle

Are you a property developer seeking inspiration to market your next rip-off? Then why not consider adding a touch of majesty to the address? If building names are anything to go by, playing at kings and queens seems to appeal to HK buyers, from paupers to princes.

一. For sovereigns who are just stepping on to the regal property ladder, this property on the aptly named King's Road in North Point is a good starting option from which to overlook your humble kingdom.

二. Once you have established your majestic reputation, you could consider investing in this stately domain in Tai Po where you'll be sure to lead a fairytale life.

三. For the crafty monarch who manages to tax his/her subjects to within an inch of their lives, this development by Chinachem at Kai Tak is clearly the way to say I'm royal and rich.

四. Then again, why beat about the bush, your Majesty? Your address says it all.

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