Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Birdsize bites

What Hong Kong (logically) lacks in British Birds Begining with B (blue-tits, blackbirds) it makes up for with an abundance of its own local B-variety, the bright-as-a-button bulbul.

Here are two members of the bulbul family having breakfast:

Red-whiskered Bulbul: berries

Chinese Bulbul: beakful of bugs

The bulbul's name, like many birds', is onomatopoeic. Song of the bulbul selon The Birds of Hong Kong and South China: 'bulbi-bulbit, bulbi-bulbit!'

Thank you Patrick for the Red-whiskered Bulbul picture.

All content © Emilie Pavey


  1. Did you know that the local Chinese call the red-whiskered bulbul the "court official" [they appear to be wearing the same type of hat as was worn by court officials in imperial China]?

    I don't have the equipment to take photos that are as detailed as yours, but I do spend a lot of time listening to the local birds. The koel, the black-collared starling and the magpie robin are my favourites. If you would like to know more, the following posts are about my local birds:

    Spring Fever.

  2. Hi Dennis! I also like the magpie robin and love to spot local birds. I don't have great bird photography lenses, I was just lucky that that bulbul was particularly bold and let me stand just a couple of metres away!

    I did not know that about the red-whiskered bulbul, but yes, he is wearing one of those hats! I shall take a look at your blog.

    1. There are Blackbirds in Hong Kong - they come from China to winter here. However they are quite shy and sulky so not easily seen. Some photos here:

  3. Hi! I didn't know that, I just assumed they were a european species, but I checked my bird book and you are right. Thanks for the picture link.