Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rubbing it in

Remember doing rubbings as a kid? Tree bark, leaves, or pennies, equipped with a pencil or wax crayon? Well, in the Hong Kong museum world, the art of rubbing is institutionalised, and it's quite common to arrive at a pedagogical 'now it's your turn' room at the end of the exhibit, which you'll see is not just for the little ones!

Here are some textures I tried my hand at recently, ranging from the first to the twenty-first century:

Memories of King Kowloon exhibition
ArtisTree, Taikoo place, until 31 May
- Very complete retrospective of an idiosyncratic and legendary HK street artist, highly recommended.

Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum
Cheung Sha Wan, permanent
- 2000-year-old tomb, the oldest piece of architecture you can see in Hong Kong (if I am not mistaken).

You can also go to Hong Kong Museum of Art for more hands-on rubbing fun. Its pemanent display also has paper-embossing devices if you want to take your textural kicks to the next level.

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