Sunday, 24 April 2011


唐狗 = tong gau: chinese mongrel (literally 'Tang' dog, as in Tang Dynasty)

The tong gau is a familiar sight in the countryside. Many local dog owners favour pedigree dogs but tong gau come in all shapes and sizes and are undeniably loveable. Here are a few different doggy shades.

一.    咖啡色:

二.    黑色:

三.    黃色:

四.    白色:

If you are in Hong Kong and are thinking of adopting a dog, steer clear of pet shops, which get their pedigree puppies from dog farms, and consider adopting a tong gau from one of the many animal shelters, such as PALS in Lantau or DOG x G.O.D. in Sai Kung.

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