Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bright young things

The recent 'tiger mom' debate has highlighted the rift between Asian and Western parenting approaches.  In Hong Kong, despite its mix of cultures, the high expectations of children typical of Chinese child-rearing are firmly entrenched, and perpetuated by unsubtle advertisers who would have parents believe that their progeny will be prodigies from toddlerhood onwards.

Formula milk with academic promise:

Cleverly-branded lifestyle products:
(ok, so this one's just an air sanitiser but the product name and smug kid picture suggest otherwise, don't they!?)

Surely some parents might be tempted by a quick fix rather than have mini Menuhin practice until midnight?


  1. But isn't eating magic food to make them smarter the opposite of pushing your children to do well through hard work?

  2. Exactly, manufacturers simply make products to match the Asian parenting culture, creating even more unrealistic expectations in the process... (I'm thinking of an ad a while back which featured a toddler in a graduation hat) Actually, I suspect a lot of parents push their kids AND feed them magic products too!