Monday, 14 February 2011

綠船, 紅船

Two notable boats can be visited free of charge in Hong Kong at the moment.

一. Green Boat
Something topical on this blog for a change: the Central piers are currently graced with the presence of the Rainbow Warrior II. The (in)famous Greenpeace flagship arrived in Hong Kong a week ago and was open to the public at the weekend.
We braved the downpour to get a chance to set foot on this iconic vessel before she goes into retirement (to be replaced by a more high-tech and ecofriendly craft). After being held for a good hour in an awareness-raising/indoctrinating exhibition inside pier two, we were finally allowed to board, and were shown around by skipper Mike Fincken, whose enthusiasm for both the ship and the cause was by no means dampened by the weather.
If you too want to get a photo of Dave the Dolphin and learn a little more about Greenpeace, then the boat is still visitable next weekend (perhaps with better weather)! Details here.

二. Red Boat
In Quarry Bay park, the decommissioned Alexander Grantham fireboat has been turned into a museum. Unlike Green Boat, Red Boat is permanent and you can take your time to explore her rooms and cabins.
There are also a number of mateylike photo ops to be had with water cannons and other fireboatesque hardware. Unfortunately, you can't bring your fireman's helmet.

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