Friday, 14 January 2011

What's in a name?

Before coming to HK I was unfamiliar with these local brands.
If you, too, haven't seen them before, (and preferably don't read Chinese) have a guess at what they might be:

A. Fast-food chain
B. Catalogue shop
C. Outdoor/sportswear label
D. Gym

A. Detergent
B. Petrol station
C. Toothpaste
D. Supermarket

Scroll up two posts for the answers! Or click here.
By the way, in the last post, the two people were wheeling the remains of a piano along the road.


  1. I guess "gym" and "toothpaste" ! (I guess I could google for the answers but I'll trust my instincts )

  2. I would say a sportswear label and a supermarket... Alors ???

  3. Coucou! J'ai mis la reponse sur mon tout dernier 'post', Milvus Migrans...

  4. the latter one does look bp-ish so i'd say b.