Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The quantum physics of workspaces

With well over 6000 people per square kilometre on average, (and up to an incredible 53000/km2 in some urban areas) it is unsurprising that Hong Kong's population density is 4th highest in the world.  In the city, living and working space is therefore precious. No nook is wasted, as demonstrated by the two estate agencies below.

The Wedge (in an an acute angle between two shops, Shau Kei Wan):
The Broom cupboard (Quarry Bay):
taking the phrase 'claustrophobic office' to an entirely new level.

(What I wonder is, is the size of the agency directly correlated to the size of the flat you get?)


  1. No more offices, but about 1000 people stacked up in tiny flats. Hope you are settling in well!