Monday, 17 January 2011

Milvus migrans

I don't have a back garden in which to watch birds, but the aerobatics of the black kites outside my window make up for it.
Sadly, I haven't snapped a rare gem. These easy-to-spot Hong Kong raptors are actually the most abundant birds of prey in the world.
Still, they're cooler than blackbirds, as far as window-birdwatching goes, don't you think?

Now for the answers to my earlier post, what's in a name:

Fairwood, despite its garden-centre overtones, orange colour scheme and leaping man logo is actually a fast-food chain. Vanguard's logo design hints at the petrochemical but in fact it's just a local supermarket. The visual identities of these two always strike me as off-kilter... as if I'll step into Fairwood and get a personalised fitness regime or into Vanguard and pay for a full tank... actually maybe that's the point.

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