Thursday, 9 December 2010


On Tuesday, I tore off a page of my Chinese calendar to reveal a picture of a young lady in a Father Christmas hat next to the words 'big snow'.

Of course, an almanac calendar that caters meteorologically for the world's largest population can't be 100% accurate. This being the very south of China, the previous fortnight had seen temperature still well in the 20s. The uncanny thing is that the Hong Kong Observatory had been predicting a sudden drop in temperature... also on Tuesday.

(For those of you in the north, this requires explaining: 15 degrees really is a cold snap here, as indicated by the downward pointing arrow and the glacial pictogram.)

I can confirm that the Calendar and Observatory's prognoses were correct. I have finally given in and taken my jacket out of storage.


  1. It is just one of the "solar terms" in the traditional calendar.

  2. Thanks for the link - yes indeed! I'd noticed the periods marked in my calendar at regular intervals, and guessed it was something along these lines... but curiously accurate nevertheless!