Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Going to the ball

I strayed dangerously close to the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland this weekend. Among the crowds milling about, I wasn't surprised to see little girls dressed as princesses. After all, 'Aurora', 'Belle' and especially 'Ariel' were big favourites of my little primary ones last year. (Although when I'd ask them which story these characters came from, they rarely knew.)
However, grown-up princesses will be sad to learn that they cannot enter Disneyland; at least not in full ceremonial attire, as Finnish artist Pilvi Takala found out in Paris.

Perhaps, like Pilvi, the young lady pictured below was also turned away at the ticket barrier.
In any case, she wisely opted for the better value alternative: a stroll at the free park next to the resort, 'Inspiration Lake'. Could it have been this inspiration that pushed her to combine wedding dress with moonboots in an unparalleled fashion statement?

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