Monday, 8 November 2010

Efflorescent youngsters

One of the first limericks I learned when I was little went like this:

There was an old woman from Leeds
Who swallowed a packet of seeds
A giant geranium
Grew out of her cranium
And her eyebrows were covered in weeds

Whilst travelling on the MTR, I noticed that this surreal botanic theme also applies to current crop of adverts on display. This time, however, the affliction appears to be plaguing the younger generation:

A six-year old forenamed Maxime
Had a rather unusual dream
He was playing with mum
In a field in the sun
When his head turned to strawb’ries and cream
The fate of young Ted is more herbaceous still:

There once was a kiddie named Ted
Who one morning got out of bed
After taking a shower
He felt full of power
And sprouted a topiary head

I am a little wary every time I pass a toddler in the street now, in case their parents are either HSBC customers or have fed them MeadJohnson formula milk and the onset of their floral development is imminent.

More limericks.

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