Monday, 11 October 2010

Service seats

In Quarry Bay, where I live, chairs and other forms of seating appear to be more than obliging.

The cardboard sign on these chairs is offering (very good value) haircuts on a pedestrian bridge. I suppose setting up in this location cuts overheads... (ho ho) although I'm not sure how I'd feel about clumps of hair dropping on me as I walk on the pavement below. There was no one around, but I didn't dare to sit down, in case I summoned something.
Further along my walk, I found this bench offering a rudimentary take on those airport massage loungers.
I sat down, but no mechanical hands popped out. Shame.


  1. Moi, je trouve ça simplement génial ! Pourquoi les Européens ne peuvent pas avoir ce genre d'idée ?!

  2. Le foot massage? Oui, mais ca fait un peu mal. Il y a meme des "foot massage path" - ou on se balade en chaussettes. Il y a un panneau qui dit: do not use the pebble path if you are overweight!