Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Kung hei fat choi and all that

Chinese New Year knick-knack stalls have sprung up like mushrooms in Sai Wan Ho over the past couple of weeks.
Even our most reliable open-till-11-pm-on-a-Sunday local shops were closed over the festival weekend whilst red pockets and other goodwill was shared.
This lady is selling jade animals (probably fake) to wear to counterbalance various fung shui influences. It is now the year of the tiger, so it is recommended that certain incompatible creatures, such as monkeys, for example, wear a jade pig. Being a pig myself, I have nothing to worry about. Tigers and pigs are compatible, and this year should be ''plain sailing'' for me, according to the asronomer of the Discovery Bay ferry magazine.
Happy New Year of the Tiger!


  1. I am very relieved to know we are compatible! - but what are red pockets?

  2. They are gifts of money in little red envelopes. I even got a couple!